Inside Out

The project Inside Out was designed by Nika Ferš, award-winning and highly respected designer of the younger generation. For me, she is one of those Slovenian creatives from whom I draw inspiration and am grateful to learn from. She invited me to work on an unusual project for me, which was to create a new line of applied art products. She wanted to add the language of someone else, someone new to her brand Quotelife, which combines great design and words.

So we set about designing. We were looking for messages, words that we felt someone else would be happy to bring into their home, into their office, and that by their very presence would affect their viewers in a beautiful, positive, profound way. After we had finished the Slovenian versions, we started working on the English ones with my favourite translator Boštjan Kmetec.

Nika then added colours, typography, smells, tastes to the selected verses.

All products are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The paper they are wrapped in is FSC certified, which means it has been responsibly produced from sustainably managed forests. The inks they are printed with are environmentally friendly. The container in which the candles are cast is recyclable. The candles and chocolates are made from all natural materials.

On top of all this, I am proud that this project is also charitable: part of the proceeds from the sale of each product (!) will go to the Two Moons – Centre for the Poeticisation of the World. The funds will be used to support Slovenian artists and their creative work.