Sliding Poem

Sliding Poem, an artistic game, is an invitation to curiosity, to chat, to play with words. It is inspired by the poetry collection Sliding World.

It consists of 125 tiles, lexical bits from the collection, which allow for a pleasant play with unusual and beautiful words. The selected fragments were first part of the final verses of each of the forty-seven poems in the collection, then turned into a magisterial poem… and now they are being dismantled and reassembled into new morphological and syntactic connections. This makes it easier for them to “talk” to each other and create new verses and poems.

The game is published by the Two Moons (Centre for the Poetisation of the World), under the auspices of which I also run a poetry workshop of the same name.

More information about the game and how to order it can be found on the Two Moons website.

Photo: Rok Breznik, Mojca Andrej, Boštjan Lah