Audiobook Sliding World

A year after the original book Sliding World came out, its author Nina Medved self-published an audiobook of 48 spoken poems, as well as two songs by esteemed Slovene musicians, who used her poems as lyrics.

The poems were interpreted by the poet herself and recorded in the studio of the Association for Music Production A800, with the support of an interpretation coach, the renowned actor Uroš Kaurin. There are relatively few projects of this kind in Slovenia in which the authors themselves take on the interpretation of their own texts, as this role is usually entrusted to professional actors who use established methods for interpretation that originate from the world of theatre. However, the author, who has a wide range of experience in the performance of poetry, offers a different entry point for the “reader” in her interpretation, bringing her poems to life in a medium that is closely linked to her work: her voice.

The spoken poems are accompanied by two songs. One was created by the outstanding accordionist Daniel Marinič, who added the musical accompaniement to poet’s spoken interpretation in the project “Words in Notes”, the other by the singer-songwriter Peter Andrej, who created the project “Left and Right Bank” (“Levi in desni breg”), where poetry from different Slovenian authors was musically accompanied.

The audiobok is again embraced by the visual language of illustrator Meta Wraber, who has designed the original book.


Poetry and interpretations Nina Medved
Coach for interpretation Uroš Kaurin
Recording and post-production Association for music production A800 (Marko Jakopanec)
Design and illustrations Meta Wraber

Slovenia, 2021


The audiobook was published as a CD in a selected edition of 150 copies and in a digital version.

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