how it derails me.
that’s why I live plenty of love
and everything else becomes something … something..
I’ve experienced some things.
and some things I still anticipate.
there are many things
I can’t access in first-person anymore.
spread between something
and something
 I’m hunting for ideas on something more,
something with colours,
something that occasionally lasts long into the night…
apart from a few of those someones
who, from now on, make me 
go on.
and something?
 something will come up..


Greek language

translated by Lara Unuk, magazine Thraka, web, 29 August 2020

Czech language

translated by Lenka Kuhar Daňhelová, Stranou Festival – European poets go live, 2020

Literary talks

Literary evening with the winners of the Urška Festival of Young Literary Voices 2019 and 2020
Diana Pungeršič, Libris, web, 23 December 2020

Literary evening
Helena Zemljič, Pesem.si, web, 12 December 2020

Marché de la poésie
guest at the Paris Poetry Fair, 2019

Listen to poetry

Stranou Festival, European poets go live, Bernou/Prague, Czech Republic, 2020
MC IndiJanez. Besede v notah Words in Notes, with the support of Municipality of Maribor, 2020
Poetic miniature, music by Bart Verbeke, with the support of the Ministry for Culture of Republic of Slovenia, 2020
Recorded at the Youth Poetry Festival in Tinqueux, France, with the support of the Ministry for Culture of Republic of Slovenia, 2020